Deportation Is Turning Pregnant Women Into Single Mothers
June 5, 2018

“Pregnancy is already a high-risk time for women’s health, and in-utero experiences can affect a child’s health and development well into adulthood. The moments surrounding childbirth are also a crucial time for bonding between the baby and parents. While Gabriela’s son was healthy and content, she was never able to produce breast milk, which she attributed to her stress level. One minute, she would be smiling and laughing at the baby; the next, she would fall silent, her mind in a dark and distant place. For days on end, we tried to reach Ernesto by phone, but were thwarted by exorbitantly high costs and the general tendency of inmates to disappear within jail and detention systems. This family was robbed of a pivotal moment for development and bonding, an opportunity that can never be recovered.”

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