Cash for Leaving Prison: A New Solution to Recidivism?
Stanford Social Innovation Review
August 15, 2017

“Existing reentry programs that provide job training, case management, and other services cannot address the full scope of the US mass incarceration crisis. Few high-quality studies of these interventions exist, but one of the best is a study of the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) by the nonpartisan evaluation firm MDRC. (Disclosure: I advise a state government on its management of a contract with CEO). CEO has connected thousands of people across the country to transitional jobs and a suite of workforce development services when they leave incarceration. MDRC’s evaluation found New York participants’ arrests, convictions, and reincarceration fell between 16 and 22 percent. While promising, impacts of this size are insufficient to dramatically decrease the number of people in prison and jail.”

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