American Carnage: Trump Is Right to Call It That
National Review
January 23, 2017

“The media have been clucking their disapproval at the ‘darkness’ of Donald Trump’s inaugural speech. ‘Uniquely dark vision of the U.S.,’ read a New York Times headline on Saturday. The Washington Post reported that ‘Trump delivered a dark inaugural address’ — adding, somewhat contradictorily — ‘in which he pledged fealty to all Americans.’ A New York Times op-ed by a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton decried Trump’s “dark, counterfactual picture of ‘American carnage’: an economy in decline, communities under siege by ‘the crime and the gangs and the drugs.’ A New York Times editorial, ‘President Trump’s Dystopian America,’ scoffed at how President Trump ‘waxed apocalyptic in imagining the prevalence of crime in the nation’s cities. ‘This American carnage stops right here and stops right now,’ [Mr. Trump] vowed,’ the Times wrote incredulously.”

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