122 Black Men Shot Dead by Police in 187 Days? Oh, OK
July 7, 2016

“More tears today. I’d love to blame it on my Cancerian-moon roots. Heck, my birthday is in less than 48 hours and I can cry if I want to. But, the blame — once again — goes to our INjustice system. My son is downstairs safe at home with me this time, but my partner is not home safe; he’s en route to work. Apparently, there’s a great chance he won’t come back. That’s based on today’s new stat that 155 Black men have been killed by a cop this year. That Fusion statistic was preceded by the murder of Alton Sterling who was killed Tuesday by Baton Rouge, Louisiana police.

“Wait: this year? 122 Black men? There’s only been 187 days in 2016. What?”

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