Host Your Own ‘They Call Us Monsters’ Screening

They Call Us Monsters, which follows three young offenders through the justice system as they await trial on adult charges, comes to theatres in January. The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth recently screened this film at the Capitol in conjunction with The National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition.

The film will be coming to theaters this January and is inviting organizations to participate with these screenings in efforts to highlight the work being done locally and nationally, as well as to further engage audiences around these topics.

Read more about the film and get involved, whether that be through partnering on one of the film’s theatrical screenings (listed here), or hosting your own local showing as an educational or fundraising event. You can reach out directly to Hannah Campbell who is overseeing collaboration with community partners for the film’s release. Her contact information is, 213-232-0135.

More information on the film: They Call US Monsters is a “searing but sensitive” window into the lives of Antonio, Juan, and Jarad who pass time awaiting trial by participating in a screenwriting class, collaborating on a short film about their lives. What immediately becomes clear is that while the gravity of their alleged crimes haunts every frame, these young men are still simply teenagers, and may be charged to years in adult prison. Set against the backdrop of debates over youth sentencing and treatment within the justice system, the film’s human but unbiased rendering challenges the viewer with difficult questions: what is our responsibility to these kids, do they have the capacity to change, and do they deserve a second chance?

Watch the trailer here.



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