Demand a Second Confirmation Hearing for Attorney General-nominee Jeff Sessions

President Trump just released an avalanche of terrible executive orders. We’re going to fight them tooth and nail.

Here’s how you can fight back right now: call Senate Judiciary Committee chair Chuck Grassley and demand a second confirmation hearing for Attorney General-nominee Jeff Sessions.

Sessions reportedly played a key advisory role in shaping these Trump policy positions. But the Senate Judiciary Committee didn’t know about these executive orders at Sessions’ confirmation hearing on January 10th – so they didn’t get to ask him any questions.

The Senate doesn’t have the full information it needs to “advise and consent.” That’s why we need the Senate Judiciary Committee members to refuse to vote until they – and we – get answers. Make your call now.

Trump’s executive orders threaten the civil rights and liberties of Muslim refugees, immigrants, people with disabilities, LGBT people, and other vulnerable groups. Our elected representatives have no idea how Sessions as Attorney General would implement these orders – or at what cost.

In his confirmation hearing, Sessions stated that he doesn’t believe that “Muslims as a religious group should be denied entry to the United States.” But Trump’s executive order does exactly that. We need Jeff Sessions to clarify – and to tell the truth.

Call Senator Grassley now and demand a second hearing before a confirmation vote.

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