30 States, 30 Days Campaign Throughout April 2016
30 States, 30 Days” is a U.S. Justice Action Network campaign to highlight the positive reforms states have made to their criminal justice systems. Each day in April, it will feature reforms in a specific state that has made their justice system more efficient, more effective and fairer. We’ll urge the members of that state’s Congressional delegation to follow the lead of their own state and pass comprehensive criminal justice reform on a national level.

Follow the campaign on Twitter by using the hashtag #30States30Days. New information will be released every day — make sure to check back to see how your state has taken positive steps to reform its justice system.

  • DAY 2 COLORADO: Holly Harris joined the Tron Simpson Radio Show in Colorado to talk about #30States30Days
  • DAY 4 INDIANA: Indiana Lawyer: “The U.S. Justice Action Network is including the Hoosier state in its national campaign “30 States, 30 Days” to prompt Congress to pass legislation reforming the federal justice system.” Read more…


As the nation waits for Congress to act, families are being torn apart, and future generations doomed to a marginalized status as they struggle to hold it together. These are real people, real children and real spouses, with real dreams for a better life.

It’s time to act!

House Speaker Ryan, Senate Leader McConnell, President Obama: The people want and need criminal justice reform in 2016. It’s time to honor your promises and act. We, the American people, petition you to pass real, meaningful criminal justice reform in 2016.

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