Tell Congress to stop militarizing police!

Contact your Senators right now and tell them to support the Stop Militarizing Our Law Enforcement Act.

If passed, this bipartisan bill, S. 1856, would prohibit the federal transfer of militarized equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies – including MRAPs, drones, and armored vehicles (This prohibition only applies to offensive equipment and does not prohibit the transfer of defensive equipment, such as body armor).

Additionally, the bill increases transparency for transfers by mandating that the Defense Logistics Agency create a website that displays all the property transferred under the 1033 program and which state and local agencies have received the weapons.

Take Action to Stop Police Militarization.

And state and local law enforcement who received prohibited equipment? They’d have to give it back!

Enough is enough. Our hometowns are not battlefields, so tell Congress now it’s time to stop militarizing our law enforcement!

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