Convener’s Corner | May 2017
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May 12, 2017

New DOJ Guidance to Prosecutors Fundamentally Flawed

Attorney General Sessions has dusted off the atrocious Ashcroft sentencing memo from 14 years ago, which directed prosecutors to charge arrestees with the most serious provable offense, and resurrected it as Trump’s bid to obliterate Smart on Crime sentencing policies from the Obama Administration.

The progressive advocacy community must boldly oppose this new DOJ charging and sentencing policy that will not only re-boost the destructive war on drugs but also exacerbate racial disparities, soar the prison population and increase costs to taxpayers.

See May 12, 2017 Justice Roundtable Coalition Statement Condemning New Charging Policy.

See March 31, 2017 Justice Roundtable Coalition Letter to AG Sessions Urging Preservation of DOJ Smart on Crime Guidance.

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