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115th Congress

Executive Action Items


Add Your Name: Censure White Supremacy







Tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Reconsider Stance on Drug Policy & Sentencing

Stop Sessions from ramping up drug war forfeiture






114th Congress

Executive Action Items


crResistance Reading List: Abolition as a Powerful Weapon







rock     Tell the DOJ to Demilitarize Standing Rock

Hope for Fathers Day
Urge the President to Commute the Sentence of William Underwood




BLACKgirlsTell the Department of Justice to investigate the deaths of Black girls, women and trans women from state violence.




bantheboxUrge the President to Extend “Ban the Box” to Federal Contractors.




Peltier2Urge the President to Commute the Sentence of Leonard Peltier




Blount photo
Urge the President to Commute the Sentence of Ronald Blount






Top 25 women can-do_header_011Urge the President to Commute the Sentences of these Top 25 Women


Successful Advocacy through clemency or other means. Metz, Ledezma, Thomas, Griffin, Richardson, Kavitz, Miles Blake and Martinson RELEASED!


AngelosUPDATE: RELEASED JUNE 2016 Urge the President to Commute Weldeon Angelos Who Received a 55-year Sentence for Marijuana

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