Take Action: Compare Candidates and Get the Facts Before Voting

Learn about key issues that matter in 2018 in your state with the ACLU’s Vote Smart Justice website:

Money Bail System
Nearly half a million Americans, who have not been convicted of a crime, are incarcerated in jail on any given day, many because they cannot afford cash bail.
Broken Parole
The criminal justice system fails to release people who have been rehabilitated and are ready to return home from prison.
Extreme Sentencing
Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans, particularly people of color, are serving unfairly long prison sentences, often driven by mandatory minimums that tie the hands of judges.
Discrimination Post-Release
Tens of millions of Americans living with a criminal record face nearly 50,000 legal restrictions upon release from prison, preventing them from starting their lives over.
Unfair Prosecutorial Practices
Prosecutors across the country are fueling a mass incarceration crisis by focusing solely on incarceration, not on justice and rehabilitation.
Abusive Police Practices
Police must stop violating Americans’ civil rights and must be held accountable and be responsive to the communities they serve.

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