Social Media Toolkit in Support of Sentencing Reform & Corrections Act

#SentencingReform Campaign 2016 | Social Media Toolkit

General messages

  • We’re pushing for action on #SentencingReform this year! Call your senators today (1-866-338-5720) and tell them to support #S2123.


  • Incarceration rates among communities of color are staggering. #S2123 is an important first step toward changing that. #SentencingReform


  • States have updated their sentencing laws. Now it’s time for Congress to catch up + pass #S2123: The #SentencingReform and Corrections Act.


  • Call your senators now (1-866-338-5720) to demand that they act to support #S2123, the #SentencingReform and Corrections Act of 2015.


  • It’s time to reform our criminal justice system – and #S2123 can help. Make sure your senators (1-866-338-5720) support #SentencingReform!


  • #S2123 is a bipartisan “smart on crime” approach that senators should support. The time for #SentencingReform is now!


  • The Senate could make history and pass #SentencingReform in 2016! Call senators (1-866-338-5720) + make sure they support #S2123.


  • #S2123 takes a good first step toward a more reasonable, rational approach to public safety + sentencing. We need it now. #SentencingReform


  • Make sure your senators are on the right side of history. Call them now (1-866-338-5720) and demand they support #SentencingReform!


  • The United States can be “smart on crime” without locking so many people up in prison. We need #SentencingReform – and #S2123 will help.




Tweets with images


  • The time for #SentencingReform is now. Call your senators today and make sure they support it. [IMAGE]


  • The Senate could make history and pass #SentencingReform in 2016. Make sure your senators support #S2123. [IMAGE]




  • Our justice system needs reform. Make sure your senators hear from you about the need for #SentencingReform today. [IMAGE]


  • Think it’s time for #SentencingReform? We do, too. Call your senators today and ask them to support #S2123. [IMAGE]









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