Aleph Institute is seeking a Mitigation Liaison
Aleph Institute

The Aleph Institute is seeking a Mitigation Liaison to join its alternative sentencing team.  The Mitigation Liaison will be directly responsible for researching and developing a network of mitigation specialists from across the country – including writers, videographers and forensic psychiatrists, among others. He or she will communicate with the client, the organization, attorneys, mitigation specialists and other sentencing professionals with a specific focus on the mitigation component of the sentencing proposal, ensuring that the mitigation products being produced are in the best interest of Aleph’s client and cohesive with the entire sentencing strategy. At times they will be called upon to make strategic recommendations regarding the mitigation product and to communicate any concerns or issues to the other professionals. Well-qualified applicants will be successful networkers who have a deep knowledge of the mitigation and sentencing fields and who are able to successfully collaborate with numerous sentencing professionals in order to ensure a strong final product. To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Rochel Van Etten at

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