Justice Reimagined: How Cannabis Has Been Used as Tool for Oppression
Cannabis Business Times
July 16, 2020


Cannabis Business Times, Patrick Williams reports, “Jawara McIntosh, son of reggae musician Peter Tosh and himself a father of four, was arrested for marijuana possession. After making bail later that year, he was given a plea deal of 20 years in prison, but finding it outlandish, proceeded through years of pretrial motions. Over time, he received more favorable offers. Then, despite his devout Rastafari religion, Jawara struck a plea deal in 2017 for a six-month sentence.” McIntosh was attacked by a fellow inmate causing a traumatic brain injury, resulting in him being unable to talk or walk, needing 24-hour intensive care. The following article discusses how racism fuels the war on drugs, targeting Black and brown communities leading to their unjust sentencings.

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