Jordan Edwards — Police Shooting in Texas & Robert Watson: Narratives & Justice
National Review
May 2, 2017

“The story out of Balch Springs, Texas, is horrible. Based on the available evidence (always an important caveat), it began like countless stories in suburban America. A mom left town, and her son made the mistake that kids tend to make — he threw a party. The party got loud, and the neighbors called the police. When the party-goers learned that the police were on the way, they did what teens have done since time immemorial. They scattered. Sounds normal, right? But in this case, there was a deadly, horrific twist. As the party broke up, gunshots rang out. Fifteen-year-old Jordan Edwards (Jordan is black) got into a car with his brother and three other kids; they backed out of their parking spot and started to leave the party. None of them had been drinking. There were no weapons in the car.”
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