A police union’s new video claims that ‘blue racism’ against cops is more racist than actual racism
August 22, 2017

“A new video by a New York City police union, the Sergeants Benevolent Association, warns about racism in America. But it’s not focused on racism against black people, Latinos, or even white Americans. Instead, it’s focused on what it calls ‘blue racism’: prejudice against police officers.

“The video, noted by Rafi Schwartz at Splinter, warns about how ‘the average person’ now views police officers — and claims that ‘blue racism’ is even more racist than racism against actual racial minorities:

The average person doesn’t see those things that make me human. They don’t even label me based on being African American, Latino, Asian, Caucasian, and so on. They tend to see an even broader stereotype through an even more racist lens. When they look at me, they see blue.”

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