Summary Report from BACW-A National Child Welfare Call to Action
Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW)
July 30, 2020


On Thursday, July 30, the Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW) held a virtual call-to-action summit in which prominent African-American thought leaders and their White allies —representing the fields of education, criminal justice, behavioral health, faith and community, and income and housing — discussed strategic ways to dismantle the racism that plagues our systems and in turn, prove to have detrimental outcomes for Black and Brown children and families in child welfare.

The thought-provoking summit, themed “Deconstructing Child Welfare Oppression: Renewing Hope Through a Racialized Child Well-Being Lens,” allowed for an open, honest and “straight talk” conversation about the historical oppression families of color continue to face as a result of the continual reframing of slavery in policy that works to structurally keep them oppressed.

The first product of the summit is this Comprehensive Summary Report, a narrative summary divided into six strategic sections that readers can use as a reference guide to examine current policy and practice, as well as a roadmap for strategic planning or as a starting point to begin these critical conversations. These sections include:



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