It’s time to end mass incarceration and #CLOSErikers.

Mass incarceration is a scourge on humanity. In addition:

  • It cost $247,000 to house a person on Rikers Island for one year.
  • 89% of people detained on Rikers are Black and Latino.
  • 79% of people detained on Rikers are awaiting trial and have not been convicted.
  • We must hold the Mayor and all NYC electeds accountable. Rikers must be shuttered for good, as soon as possible.

The campaign to #CLOSErikers is a grass roots movement to close the notorious jail on Rikers Island. But this effort is not limited to the residents of New York. People of conscience across the country are coming together to demand that Mayor Di Blasio close Rikers Island and end mass incarceration altogether.

The campaign is calling for a preach-in during the weekend of August 18-20 for faith groups to call on their congregations to take action.

What can we do?

Join One Thousand Arms on August 19 for this free online workshop where we will:

  • Learn how to use contemplative practices to deepen our understanding of the problem of mass incarceration.
  • Develop the tools needed to take action to end mass incarceration.
  • Get advice on how to write letters to our elected officials on ending mass incarceration and closing Rikers Island.


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