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RSVP to join us in D.C. & Demand Biden Pardon People not Turkeys!
November 23, 2021 @ 1:00 pm EST

Did you know there is currently a backlog of over 18,000 people waiting for their clemency applications to be reviewed, but instead President Biden’s first grant will go to…a turkey?!

The people waiting to hear about clemency include the 4,000+ people currently finishing their sentences on home confinement who are living under the constant threat of being sent back to federal prison when the pandemic recedes.

This is why we need pardons for people, not turkeys!

Join Color of Change, FAMM, Dream Corps Justice, and Justice Action Network on Tuesday, November 23rd at 1pmEST in Lafayette Park, Washington D.C. to demand Biden grant them clemency today!


Nkechi, we know it’s a silly tradition for the President to pardon turkeys on Thanksgiving Day, but our country doesn’t need silly outdated traditions. We need people to be cared for and granted clemency so they can spend the holidays at home with their families without the impending threat of being sent back to prison.

President Biden promised he’d cut the prison population in half and help put an end to racialized mass incarceration. And yet, if he doesn’t grant clemency to the 4,000+ people successfully finishing their sentences on home confinement with friends and family, he may soon be presiding over the largest expansion of the federal prison population in history.


We have been working hard to move Biden toward granting clemency over the past year, and are making great progress.

In fact, the Administration has signaled willingness to grant clemency for non-violent drug offenders on home confinement.

But Nkechi, ALL of the individuals on home confinement need clemency now. Everyone in the program was already rigorously vetted by the Bureau of Prisons in order to be on home confinement in the first place. 

We can’t let Biden pick and choose who deserves to be at home with their families and who deserves to be locked up in a cage based on historically racist criteria.

If Biden is going to make a meaningful impact towards ending racialized mass incarceration, he needs to grant clemency to the 4,000+ people living on home confinement today.



Color of Change


Lafayette Park, Washington D.C.