The Top 25 Women Deserving Presidential Clemency is a list of extraordinarily, worthy women whose time in federal prison should end.

All these women were found guilty of “drug conspiracy.” The vast majority of people know nothing about conspiracy cases or that it’s possible to receive a LIFE sentence, even if you never buy, sell or possess drugs. Merely having a conversation or lending someone property that is used in a drug transaction (such as a car) is enough to trigger a “conspiracy” case. That’s why the rate of incarcerated women nearly doubled the rate of men from 1988 – 2014 and why most of these women are serving extraordinarily long sentences for their association with, or assistance to a family member; drug addiction, and/or participation in an ongoing drug conspiracy case.

We are happy for 10 of the original 25 women who are now free, either due to clemency or a reduction in sentence due to YOUR voices and concerns. We have replaced 10 women with the stories and faces of additional women and will continue to do so until justice is served.

More years in prison is not what’s needed. All of them have applied themselves while incarcerated and done extraordinary things, despite their situation.

These 25 women have 55 surviving children and more than 100 grandchildren waiting to be hugged.

Please commute the sentences for Alice, Josie, Danielle and these wonderful women to time served.

The Clemency Report and CAN-DO Foundation engages in exhaustive research to identify cases that deserve relief from unjustly long prison sentences that do not fit the crime or a person’s character.  Click here to learn more about these women and the campaign:

1. Alice Marie Johnson
2. Danielle Metz  – RELEASED
3. Josephine Ledezma – RELEASED
4. Minnie Pearl Thomas – RELEASED
5. Michelle West
6. Teresa Griffin – RELEASED
7. Rita Becerra
8. Carol Richardson – RELEASED
9. Linda Lee Byrnes
10. Mary Rose Ziman
11. Lavonne Roach
12. Lori Kavitz – RELEASED
13. Michelle Miles – RELEASED
14. Crystal Munoz
15. Pauline Blake – RELEASED
16. Cynthia Shank
17. Rose Summers
18. Terry Anderson
19. Patricia Clarke
20. Barbara Pachecho
21. Elizabeth Rushing
22. Mandy Martinson – RELEASED
23. Andrea Joy James
24. Phyllis Hood
25. Melissa Trigg


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